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The Project

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Meeting with project Partners in Nairobi


DiT-ENT Outputs

Student Training Programmes

The objective of this Output is to develop a comprehensive training programme to teach VET young trainees basic workplace skills, IT skills etc, including entrepreneurship skills e.g., how to develop a business plan raise finance, how to market product and/or services, staffing issues and link this to training modules on how to use and integrate new technologies e.g., basic 3D printing and Artificial intelligence into the company.  (To be Launched in October 2025)

Training the VET Trainers

The objective of this Output is to develop a comprehensive training programme to train the VET trainers in Kenya. In this project SPEL will also develop appropriate training modules for Kenyan VET staff (In collaboration with the Kua Zone in Kenya) focussing on new pedagogics, new VET tools, steps for quality assessment, and offer workshops on how to address difficult pedagogic cases, etc. and offer best practices from around Europe. (To be Launched in July 2025)

Online Support Environment

The aim of this Output is to create an Internet based training and support environment where the interactive tools, Reports and training materials developed as part of the project will reside. The project will create the environment to foster a coalition of Kenyan and European VET schools and Business Partners where we will provide networking opportunities as well as an online space where young VET trainees where they will be able to help and support each other. (To be Launched in October 2025)

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